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Cityville energy 3Gift Good Friends Business BoxGift Good Friends Housing BoxGift Good Friends Treasure Chest Box Mystery Gift GoldPopulation

Common For Requesting – Energy 7 Only Works Once Per Account!

Cityville mysterygift energy 3  



30 Energy Link

Hologram Concert


Tree of Life


Showbiz Dance Club


Subway Entrance


Subway Stop


Color Arch


Residence Wing


Business Wing


Community Wing


Decoration Wing


Glass Factory



Electric Company


Fashion Runway


Couture Convention Center


Supermodel Mansion


Downtown TV Tower


Downtown Police Station


Regatta Drive


International Neighborhood


Packaging Plant


Historic Clock Tower


Apex Ad Agency


Private Jet Terminal


Union Square


Easter Eggs


Bunny House Upgrade


Egg Hunt Carrots

Grey Carrot     

City Sam Offices

Video Recorder CityVille Poster Desktop Computer Journalist Notebook CityVille Rug

Crown Palace (Taj Mahal)

Palace Towers While Paint Glass Mosaic Palace Doors Engraved Arch

Down Town Trucking Depot – Lv1 =5x, Lv2 =10x, Lv3 =12x



Down Town Central Park – Lv2 =5x, Lv3 =20x, Lv4 =20x, Lv5 =60x, Lv6 =90x




Down Town School


Down Town Newspaper Office


Great Canyon – 8x


Custom Houses


Grand Prix Track Formula1


Solar Mall

Light Bulb Compost Bin Solar Panel Shopping Bag Bike Rack

European District


Open Sign Clock Tower  

Lava Rock Island


Fortune Island


Spectrum Tower – Lv2 = 6, Lv3 = 10, Lv4 = 8,10,8, Lv5 =10, Lv6 =12




Vacation Terminal




Santa’s Workshop


Cod Cove Island


U.K. Palace


Train Upgrade






Theme Park – Roller Coaster


Theme Park – Wave Pool


Theme Park – Sky Ride


Theme Park – Castle


Bridge Upgrade – Lv1 = 10, Lv2 = 10, Lv3 = 14




Aloha Island


Ferry Marina


Warehouse Upgrade




Taki Tower



Learning Center – Lv1 =5, Lv2 =8



Spanish Opera House


Passenger Terminal


Storage Facility



Super Greenhouse

Honeymoon Hotel


Cultural House


Passport Office (Lv1: 4, Lv2: 6, Lv3: 8 of Each Required)


Adventure House (6 of Each Required)

greenpaint greentiles Wood Planter 

Football Stadium




Storage Upgrade (Silo, Barn, Sticks)


Late Bloomer Greenhouse


Shanghai Centre






Platinum Tower


Cruise Ship – City Port

waitingbench captainshat brochure checkinbooth seachestbaggage

Venetian Palace


Ice Castle


Chinese Calligraphy School


New Leaf Greenhouse


Envelope Store


The Park (Common Green)


Fitness Center (Health Complex)


The Training Center (Boys & Girls Centre)


Parisian Arch


Museum Party


Mirror Heights (Petronas Towers)


Moscow Mansion (Pyramid Wonder)


Holiday Hills Neighborhood


Car Dealership


Rally Car& Regalo 5000 Cars


Car Crafting – Love Cars

Car Crafting – Custom Cars



Car Crafting – Police Motorcycle


Car Crafting – Scorch

performance Tirebucketseatscar stereohood ornament

Car Crafting –  CV Bus

air conditioningantenna ornamentleather seatscar decalvanity plate

Car Crafting – Torque:

performance tyreGPS Systemleatherseatstinted windowshood ornament

Santa’s Sleigh


Michael Bublé




Snowman House

icebed iceblock icechisel puffyjacket snowflake

Frostdale Ridge Neighbourhood




Food Court


Knitting Society


Fashion Center Material


Govenor’s Mansion


City Music Hall


Harmony Heights Neighborhood


Christmas Carousel

Carousel Horse Holiday Turnstile Carousel Ticket Carousel Lights Hot Cocoa

Wind Farm

material_windpetition material_blades material_tower material_windvane material_brakes


Tools Cabinet Tire Stack Engine Hoist Car Lift Emissions Test

Swiss Museum



Bag Of Leaves Orchard Jug Orchard Apple Orchard Barrel Uniform

Anniversary City Centre

Noisemakers Poppers Champaigne Banner Streamers Balloons Games Favors pinatas Hats Birthday Cards Gifts  Cupcake Milk Frosting Candles Cake Billboard Videowall Invites

Family Complex Neighbourhood

CobblestonesIron FencePorch LightShuttersTrellis

MJ’s Immortal Arena

Zombie Costume Moonwalk Shoes Trapeze Neon Lights Suits Strobe Lights

City Symphony

Trumpet Harp Cello Timpani French Horn

Pier Upgrade

Cargo Crane Forklift Mooring Line Pier Plank


Gold Leaf Spartan Shield Elevator Coliseum Chariot Spartan Helmet

Detective Spy Agency


Demented Dentist

beb0202dbeb046437036e4b66ab0deeb Demented Dentist Building Materials 6e7f6a74744e419034e4902ad0aa0c4e Demented Dentist Building Materials 058d351c7fe816e6b7628fe8b303e6cc Demented Dentist Building Materials 9fe9cfc673c2a8dd69f816e6bd687480 Demented Dentist Building Materials

Halloween Haunted Hotel


Halloween Treats n Sweets


Candy Stand


Zombie ER

93e212bcc0a1fd9e6c606d1079d29ef8 Zombie ER Building Materials   e574a1d9c896d8420ab95cf7e6df2264 Zombie ER Building Materials   1df6e2f0c9f2aa42fc59bfd76e358b9b Zombie ER Building Materials   e390985ab44609fb4714c3f8664b0952 Zombie ER Building Materials   Ribbon

Tree of Enchantment

4b0592b20d8efda70a539475acc7af24 Tree of Enchantment Building Materials  c0592de5ad28594c8f62ebd8b996dd2a Tree of Enchantment Building Materials  65b2deee9bd7ab55b0a1fdf5a9ff612b Tree of Enchantment Building Materials  85dd661314e36130453688fe37103698 Tree of Enchantment Building Materials  0833c5eca817064b6beb1ac069be7bf1 Tree of Enchantment Building Materials

Francis Woods Neighbourhood!


Doggie Rescue Centre


Enrique Euphoria Arena

Speakersviral_enriqueiglesias_stagelight_75x75 Strobe Lightsviral_enriqueiglesias_screamingfans_75x75 Stadium_seat

University Student Center

Graduation Cap Graduation Gowns Laptop Notebook Textbooks

Soccer Stadium

Red Card Shinguard Soccarball Stadiumseat Vuvuzela

French Riviera Casino

Deck Cards Dice Poker Chips Roulette Wheel Slot Machine

Executive Driving Range


Neighbour Hood

Red Bricks Lumber Roof Tile Crossing Sign cement

Ferris Wheel

turnstile light bulbs control box carriage cement

Tonga Tower

coconut umbrella tablemat ukelele pillowchocolate

Doggie Daycare

doggiebone Doggie Bed doggie collar doggiefood

Pirate Ship

Jolly Roger Safety Net Overhead Bar Ship Prow Gold Plating

Sailboat Hotel

Pillow Chocolates Chandelier Fish Fountain Key Card Toiletries

Upgrade the Sailboat Hotel (LV2)

Marble Toiletries Luggage Cart Beach Towel

Upgrade the Sailboat Hotel (LV3)

Building Permit Toiletries Beach Towel Beach Cabana Slippers

Middleschool Upgrade

Locker Notebooks Paperplane Stapler Manilla Folders


Canal Lock Floodgate Generator hydraulic Turbine Rotor


Paint Sample Hammer Ladder Paintroller Paint scraper Power drill

Paint Bucket Paint Sprayer Paint Primer Sander

Ranger Station Upgrade

Canteen Catapiller Compass Smores Frog

Resort Hotel

Bathrobe Beach Towel Pillows Toiletries Sunglasses

Upgrade to High Priced Hotel

Bathrobe Luggage Cart Toiletries Marble

Upgrade to Luxury Hotel

Bathrobe Beach Cabana Beach Towel Slipper Building Permits

Community College

buildinggrant cityseal goldplating marble ribbon

Hardware Store

2x4 cement

Police Station Upgrade

badge ballandchain outfit siren whistle

Goods Factory

conveyorbelt hardhat lunchbox roboticarm safetygoogle workuniform

Clerk Office

inkpad folders visor Paperweight Pencil Sharpener Stapler

City Port

deckchair sunglasses Whisle 2x4 Visor

Phone Company

headset fiberopticwire phone satelliteantenna switchboard

Leaning Tower

leveler protractor

City Work Upgrade

Water Faucet Rubber Boots Pipewrench Stapler Welding Torch

Shopping Mall

escalator mannequin shoppingbags spotlight parkingcard

2ND Mall

Barcode Scanner Glass Elevator Mall Directory Mall Fountain Security Towers


counterweight ibeam rivets truss weldingtorch

Museum Upgrade

displaycase displaylight velvetrope

Ticket Booth

cottoncandy velvet rope balloonanimal popcorn pretzel snowcone

Sea Shell Stand

Sandmold Spade Bucket Sand Visor

Community Pool

Flipflops Sunscreen Tiles Chrorine Bottle Cement

Geodesic Rainforest

Feed Fertilizer Watering Can Seed Packet Frog Dome Panel

Weather Station

barometer thermometer weather balloon city_seal_gift_icon grant_gift_icon

Go Kart Building

Bucket Seat Checker Flag Cone Racing Pedals Racing Wheel

Zynga Gazette

Press Card Magnifying Glass phone satellitea ntenna switchboard


Seahorse Starfish

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